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Should be studying...

HAHAHA how many times have I heard that run though my head >_>;; Oh well... I'm taking a break >_>;;;; hahahaha hmmm man I haven't been making much progress at all with studying which I'm kinda worried about :S Better really buckle down and get stuck into it... haha a few days ago though how I was reminscing.... I went and checked out some of the places I used to visit XD and woo I found myself a new addiction >_>;; (NOT THATI NEED ANOTHER) hahaha but it's like a way to sort of... unleash my shopping-ness since I'm stuck at home hahaha... TA-DA~! :D Yeh poupee girl... I actually found it on mikomi.net XD since my old hostess was obssessed with it hmmm seems she's not on it these days... damn guess it's not fate to bump into her again :D But anyway... join! XD I've been harassing ppl to join a bit now hahaha~ Better focus! OSU!
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Hello. Please visit my LJ :) Right now, I'm doing a batch for www.gumzzi.co.kr

Pls leave a comment if you're interested. I do not overcharge on shipping fee and service fee is only 10% !


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