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Jun. 13th, 2009


Should be studying...

HAHAHA how many times have I heard that run though my head >_>;; Oh well... I'm taking a break >_>;;;; hahahaha hmmm man I haven't been making much progress at all with studying which I'm kinda worried about :S Better really buckle down and get stuck into it... haha a few days ago though how I was reminscing.... I went and checked out some of the places I used to visit XD and woo I found myself a new addiction >_>;; (NOT THATI NEED ANOTHER) hahaha but it's like a way to sort of... unleash my shopping-ness since I'm stuck at home hahaha... TA-DA~! :D Yeh poupee girl... I actually found it on mikomi.net XD since my old hostess was obssessed with it hmmm seems she's not on it these days... damn guess it's not fate to bump into her again :D But anyway... join! XD I've been harassing ppl to join a bit now hahaha~ Better focus! OSU!
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May. 19th, 2009


Yay for Freebies! Boo for Spending! T_T

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Look! Ain't it awesome? :) I got a new laptop bag well... it kinda was freebie. You see the laptop bag comes as a free gift if you buy the new limited editon packaged CK One that came with mp3 speakers :) BUT I don't like CK One THAT much hehe I still have almost a wole bottle of it left... so.... I wanted to get CK One Summer 2009 but.... i didn't come with the laptop bag so the guy that was selling to us told me to just buy CK One Summer and he would give me a bag XD COOOL~~ XD keke So nice haha~ But yeh took a bit of convincing cos I don't exactly have that kinda money to throw around freely if I want to go on a Trip by Sept/Oct :S He was funny.... he was sayng to evaangel89 *sprays CK One on carboard tester strip* Smell it again and again~ *smiles* hahahaha ><;; and he was saying before that "Yes lots of free stuff very good value FREEE" hehehe he was a bit crazy hahahaha but yeh so nice of him to slip in the bag and he said to us "Just  for you ;)" when he slipped th bag to us lol~ But yeh I really like the bag :D

Now I am thinking....aww man! I spent money!!! T__T I am so sad~ Should I really have gotten it... refund? ><;;

May. 17th, 2009


Bye Kitty~

This morning some lady came and told us that a little kitten was in the shop next door to ours(which we also own but we use it to rent out but it currently isn't beig rented). It had been dumped in there or something... there was some suss stuff going on with that shop anyway cos yeh it was al covered u with newspaper for a few days and the agent is kinda suss. So anyways in the afternoon a locksmith came so we could get the kiten out and also get those locks for that shop changed to regain control over the shop. Anyways the kitten it was so majorly cute! <3 Here are some pics :)
 Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
You can see Dad's Bday cake in the middle hehe choc mud from woolies. Their Choc Mud cakes are good :) Yeh the kitten had such pretty eyes awwww so cute~ It was shivering pretty badly when we were feeding it T_T Poor kitten! And it was so hungry that it was chewing on everything and trying to eat everything like Donna's shoe... pictured above :S Anyway in the evening one of the customers asked if they could take it home because they felt sorry for it and their neice was crying cos it felt sad for the kitten. So we let them take it because Dad was going to call up the pound anyway and it would probably be better off being with a family than the pound. So bye bye kitten~ :) Good luck at your new home~ More photos here!

May. 7th, 2009


Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Another shopping day with evaangel89and again I spent sooo much!!
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----above the line from last thursday----
Another Thursday... another shopping day hahaha This time I only bought a cut blue top, grey shirt and these suede-ish boots from kmart... the boots are so cheap only 28$!! :) So happy I got some boots like that cos I been looking for some for a long time... also at Target I got some skinny jeans yay!! Only 28$ too!! I'm gonna get Donna to get me another pair tomorrow - so happy! They fit really good and my my legs look so skinny kekekeke Those tights I got from last week are so awesome! I'm gonna wear them to go shopping tomorrow.... When me and [info]evaangel89 went to markets to get her own tights... we saw that cool shoe shop in the markets and discovered all the shoes were only $25!!! SO cheap!! But hmmm they styles were soso I think :D I already got enogh shoes... can't spend more on shoes.... or maybe.... >_> some of the designs remind me of De Louvre... maybe they rip off their design? hahaha I wish De Louvre would have a giant sale... I wanna get some shoes from there... but I don't wanna spend 80$+ on Asian shoes >_>;; Yeh omg! Look at this coat! (below) It makes me feel like I'm in Gossip Girl cos it's so cool and makes a statement... maybe something Jenny wold wear? :D It's so awesome... but not for me... haha I'm not that kinda of person... too much attention for me hahahaha and also too pricey T__T
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Oh look above also... ismy  pretty bow ribbon ring I so love it!! ^___^ So shiny and bling bling kekekeke LOVE!!!!!!!! <3
We had afternoon tea at that Tin Yan... erm.. Tea Place again this week... (see below for last week's cam whoring photos while waiting for Donna to come out) man I really like the tea there but so dodgey their service... I think everyone there is lazy or something :P I really like their Lavender Grean Milk Tea :) It's better than the plain Lavender Milk Tea cos it's sweeter and still got that nice Lavender-ness n it :) Eva always has that Sweet Potato and QQ Milk Tea... but it's really nice!!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Ok well that's enough from me... you can see other photos from the past week that I didn't post here... over here! :)

Apr. 29th, 2009


11 Weeks Later...

Yeh... So I been learning Japanese at uni hehe it's been fun but I still really suck at it :S Oh well! Let's do a quick catch up of suff in the last 6 weeks.... Hmm it might be hard... But I got many photos to remind me stuff I gotta LJ about ^_^
---above the line was 5 weeks ago---

hmmm I think it might be easier if I just start a fresh! :) I'll just summerise the coolest/most interesting stuff that happened XD
1) I found out my lucky item for the year is square faced watches... so here I am wearing square faced watches :)
2) Me and evaangel89 saw Jen Hawkins!! She was doing promotional fashion shows at Myers that day we had a crazy shopping spree!! All images of Jen and shoping spree can be seen here :)
3) Went on the Macquarie Train Station train :) HERE!
4) Me and evaangel89 's Converses got married hahahaha Pics here! Also has one pic of food which was... the wedding baquet of food? O_o hahaha And yeh now I will leave you with a picture from... THE FUTURE!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

EDIT: HAhaha whoops forgot to add that it isn't really the future... it's Chatswood station XD Haven't been there in ages and this is what it looks like now wooo so cool!!

Feb. 10th, 2009


5 Weeks Later...

5 Weks down the track...
T___T It seems I'm not very good at keeping New Years Resolutions even if I have them written down... >_< Well the uni ones don't count because uni hasn't started hahaha but man ><;; 
Yeh I will try to start them again... OSU!

Onto the other side of things... I made this kinda yummy break today... on the menu:

- Japanese Topping Toast
- Long Jing Tea

HAhahaha yeh pretty boring huh? But are any of you wonder wth is Japanes Topping Toast? XD I couldn't think of what to call it and since it's topped with all this Japanese toppings.... yeh... Well it's not really unique I kinda got inspired by a book on interesting toast/bread/sandwich toppings. Basically it's just toast with japanese mayo (kewpie!!), then topped with the riceball seasoning stuff you know that stuff that you can sprinkle on rice etc... the Mishima brand one cos it's da best! /e2 Yeh sprinkle Mishima's Seto Fumi Furikake on it then top with Bonito flakes - it's really nice hahahah but sad thing was my toast had gone a bit cold or it'd be even better!! Hmm should have taken a picture lol but I was majorly hungry XD  Long Jing Tea is like my fave tea atm... it's so... cleansing XP hahaha ok well back to keeping my resolutions... so.... OSU! Exercise time! XD

P.S. Was anyone wondering what was the ending to my living nightmare? XD Well it's alllll good because I passed with more than enough - Thank god! I was so relieved after I found out that I was majorly spending in joy... >_< Seriously I been spending too much! Haven't saved ANYTHING up since the new year has come T_T WIll I be able to make my goal for JPN '09? :S

Jan. 5th, 2009


Origami & 32cm High Ice Cream!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usYesterday I went out with my friends to make up the celebrating of my birthday on the 2nd >_< It was a good day!! I wore my cute denim ruffle skirt I recent got from Big W and the Fiorelli shoes I got on Boxing Day zomg!!! They are so cool.... too bad they kill my feet... I think it's mainly because I'm not used to wearing heels in general especially not ones that high *sigh* >_< We went K, dinner at the "secret location" (it was Musashi XD), dessert at Passionflower (hmm is it me or is Passionflower just not that good at all these days >:P)... sticker photos hahaha!! And then home cos I was getting tired plus work for some peoples~ XD I stayed over at Eva's house that night and we stayed up until 2am watching a french movie "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" and folding origami!! Hahaha~ We made anFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us awesome bouquet of lilies!! So pretty! (see left above) pretty ey ey ey? XD we folded them while watching the movie ^__^ I was so tired when I woke up this morning >_< but I had to get upa bit earlier to wash my hair :S Paw Paw and Gong Gong suggested we go Yum Cha in Auburn before we headed out to City to meet my Mum.... it was still pretty early so it was really empty-ish O__O We finished up pretty quickly too. So dashed out to City after a while~~ It was so hot today >_<; We just hopped around a bit and had lunch in Market City I go some more summer shoes!!! YAY! They are similar to the G2B shoes I originally wanted but they are like a cheaper brand? O__O YAY! Anyways after that Mum and Julie went and sat around the food court at Market City and me and Eva went to do more shopping~~ I went to the Korean Supermarket o get hair dye and whle we were in there we got a SUPER DUPER ICE CREAM!! LOOK AT IT!! ZOMG!!! That' Eva posing with it (see right)... I didn't get a proper good pic with it because I kinda took a bite out of the top before I posed with it XD It was really nice~~ Just a good chocolate soft serve.... but so good on a hot summer's day! Ok I'm gonna go pack more clothes for Shanghai~

Dec. 26th, 2008


Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Lots of work had to be done this Christmas~!!

Donna baked some cupcakes to bring to Grandmas' on Christmas Day and I made the American Baked Cheesecake I have been trying to perfect in the last few weeks ^__^ I put a Christmas message on the cake using Milo (see left) but it got all ruined by the morning (I made it the day before) because of all the moisture in the fridge T__T It was really good though!! This time I baked the crust rather than just fridge it and the base was so crunchy and nice~~ <3 And it was cooked just right because the actual cake bit was nice and fluffy and light <3 YAY I didn't overcooking it like the 2nd one I made~ Perfect! <3 Oh when I was taking it out of my spring form pan I was such an idiot.... rather than pushing the cake upwards out of the ring I un-sprang it and made this huge crack in the cake... I was freaking out LOL So I clasped the spring back.... >_<;; And finally I remembered I could push it up Hahahaha~ >_<; I had already prepared all the presents for all the relatives and for Mum I prepared a photo album full of past holiday photos all labelled and decorated ^__^ Julie made a card and Donna made a compilation of songs on CD for Mum to listen to in the car. Mum seemed to really like the gift ^___^ Especially the photo album and CD *shifty eyes- sorry Julie* :P Omg! I just realised the A in x'mas is the wrong way on the cake... wth >_<;

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us After so much fuss in the morning, we arrived at Grandma's house around 12:30 or something >_< LOL Cos we were just so late and slow in the morning~~ It was crazy!! Everyone was already there! We were the latest people there this year >_<; Oh well as soon as we got there after the usual Christmas Greetings... it was onto business!! And what we were all looking forward to.... Big 2!! XD Finally! But after a while we had to go downstairs again to witness the opening of the huge Christmas Hamper that Grandma had won fron Pathers Leagues Club XD It was so huge! (see left) That's all of us posing with it and our Grandparents! ^__^ Then after the grand opening... they gave us each a piece of the hamper hehehe~ I got the Three Seeds Breadsticks cos I am really addicted to breadsticks atm. And everyone else got... *drumroll* Look there! (see right) Hahaha~ So fun! ^__^ We pretty spent the rest of the day with a mix of random food, card games (like Big 2 and Poker), Mahjong (and using the Majong for... other games LOL), Monopoly and gossiping/chatting/catching up! It was heaps good! Very relaxed and nice~ In the later afternoon after dinner we went for a walk since we had all fully stuffed ourselves with food XD Alot of people were talking about our uncles... new hair *hehehehehehehe* People who was there... you know what I mean ;D After most people had gone home we (being Me, Donna, Alan, Eva and Sally) retreated to Eva's room and watched The Golden Compass.... (I've already seens it but meh~ Oh well!) I am so tired right now cos we splet at around 3am >_<;;

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Next day! The day of boxing day sales!! XD So looking forward to this!! We all woke up around 10am or so all kinda dead because of the late night >_<; Had a quick breakfast then dash down to City! It was great though - I had great "sau wok" today hahahahaha~ It seemed much more crowded than previous year but I picked up some super nice Fiorelli sparkley summer shoes that were high heeled (see left) and just omg!! I love them!! They weren't the pair of those kinda wedged heeled summer shoes I orginally wanted to get from Payless Shoes for $70 but... these are just so georgous! I think better? They make my legs look skinnier and longer kekekeke! They were originally $120 and I paid $70 for them~ <3 Though at the moment I can't really wear them because of the cut on my toe Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usT__T soon though my toe will heal and I'll be struting around in them like no tomorrow!! AH!!! <3 Can you tell how high they are? They add 11cm to me ;D zomg! *__* Do I really need that Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usextra height? >_>;; Next item on the list....G2B Sandles (see right) - they are so light and comfy! I am so glad Eva showed them to me a few weeks ago because they ROCK! I actually didn't get the style that I wanted because I couldn't find it anywhere but the ones I did get are pretty good too ^__^ I love them~ <3 They were originally $40 and I paid $25 for them~ After the shoes we looked at mens underwear cos Alan was choosing and looking for the right size hahaha he couldn't find the fluro green ones he wanted LOL After that it was onto the Basement.... CLOTHES!! YAY! Lookies at my Miss Shop Skirt (see right) and my Miss Shop Overalls (see left) too! Both originally $50 and I paid $30 for them ^_^ I've been looking for some overall shorts fo so long~ Or something similar to them but I haven't been able to find any T__T These ones were majorly cute~ I still want to find more~ Because they look so good in the magazines~ *__* Later on we just had a bit of Maccas and it was already tie for Alan and Sally to head back~ T__T So me, Eva and Donna ate and then Mum called us to go home with them already too (But yay free ride).

It was such a great 2 days! I am so tired now but it was so fun! Can't wait until our overseas holiday~ Happy holidays to all!

P.S. Lily and Edward!!! Why didn't you come~~ It was awesome~~ <3 Good bargins!!

Dec. 19th, 2008


Bacon Pwnz Roll XD

hahahahaha omg I was looking at some recent pics I uploaded nt the compy and omg!! I found this!!! *drumroll*

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Hahahaha it's an order Julie wrote and we were laughing at it XDDD Her short hand is FUNNY!!! Yes yes Julie Bacon Pwn Roll hahahahaha~

Hum... anyways I'm so enjoying all the SaSa goodies, I so wanna buy more *__* But I'm not realy in finincial position to... well not really... more like I really shouldn't? Hmmm enough of that hey yeh also more insteresting piccy!!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I gues it's also kinda gross huh? It's a bug that died in our house O_o I thought it was a fake bug!! But it was real O_O! It was so colourful and yeh/~~ ok I am tired zZzZz time~
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Nov. 28th, 2008


Dr Jart Silver Label vs Dr Jart Black Label

Ah ha! Moe BB Cream happenings~ XD Hmm not that anyone reads ths O__o but anywho... hey... who am I even writing this for? >_>;; Oh well I just like babling my findings out so you all know ... who ever "you all" might be >_>;;

Yah yah! So a while back a bought this combined packaged off eBay that had 1x Dr Jart Silver Label and 1x Dr Jart Black Label. I did read around and was still not sure which of the 2 Dr Jart BB Creams to buy so I ended up getting both. As Dr Jart is also one of the top (or most popular) BB Cream brands out there. And now the results are in... well the initial stuff... since I jump around too much to be able to measure long term benefits XD

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usDr Jart Silver Label: For me this was not good. I think it's best for those people with lighter skin because after putting this on I looked freaky hahaha~ Although it was heaps easy to put on (ie very easy to blend, etc), my skin seeme dry and cakey in places. I'm not sure if it was just that my skin was dry that day or what? Plus it had a matte finish, so mae me look even drier? O_o Yeh so I gave this one off to Donna since her skin's lighter ^^

Dr Jart Black Label: I'm ok with this one so far, since the coverage is aright and it is quite easy to apply, very smooth. The smell when I first put it on was a bit strong but I've gotten used to it and you really don't notice it after the 1st time. It doesn't really have that glow that Scandal Magic BB Cream gives off though. Also my face tends to be oily and it seems to not like the oil hahaha in that when it goes oily on my nose (mainly happens on this part) the BB Cream seems to... dissapear? I don't know has it been oiled off or what? After dabing it with oil paper it was still lightly there but almost none anymore. In saying that, the oil control of Dr Jart is not that good...

Overall, that Black Label one would be better though... I'm missing my Scandal Magic BB Cream... ARE YOU ENJOYING IT EVA? Though all of these still aren't s good as the BTRC BB Cream I've got... if only it were a bit easier to apply... Oh yes! 1/2 of our Sasa package came today!!! YAYAY!!! Lookies! Can't wait to dig in~~

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